The Legends - Ashok Kumar

(English/2019/60 mins)  Savita Oberoi

25-May-2019 | | Savita Oberoi

Synopsis: The film traces the Ashok Kumar’s personal and professional life. Dragged into acting by accident in the film ‘Jeevan Naiya’,Ashok Kumar became a reigning star and the heartthrob of generations to come. He became the biggest star of his times, the evergreen hero who has inspired generations of actors.

Cinematography: Ajay Nagar

Editing: Naveen

Writer: Savita Oberoi

Producer: Savita Oberoi

Director Bio: Savita Oberoi is an independent filmmaker who has made a series ‘The Legends' on the Dada Saheb Phalke awardees. ‘Single In The City’, a film that she made for PSBT, examines the notion of freedom from marriage for women in India, challenging the prevailing norms. She has produced and directed a 13 episode series for DD Urdu ‘Aqeedat ke Rang’. She has also made films for NGO’s, the corporate sector and various govt. ministries. She has worked as the programming Head of Focus TV and was the Dean at the Asian School of Cinema, Marwah Studios.

Age Limit: U

Festivals & Awards: The Times of India Film Festival