Rang Mahal /Palace of Colour

(Santhali/2019/26 mins)  Prantik Basu

23-May-2019 | | The Gulmohar hall

Synopsis: The Santhali tribe from Eastern India till recently had no written script, their stories and myths preserved and passed orally through generations. Each narration would assume a different form, much like the rocks of a nearby hill that come in various hues. The film is a tale about the origin of creation, exploring the unique relationship of the Santhali people with nature and culture.

Cinematography: Prantik Basu

Editing: Vinayak Dasgupta, Prantik Basu

Writer: Prantik Basu

Sound: Ananda Gupta

Producer: Rajiv Mehrotra

Director Bio: Prantik Basu studied Film Direction at the Film and Television Institute of India. His films have been screened at various festivals including Oberhausen, Rome, International Festival of India and Experimenta India. His film ‘Sakhisona’ won the Tiger Award at Rotterdam.

Age Limit: UA

Festivals & Awards: Berlin (Competition)