(English/2018/10mins)   Sruti Lodha

22-May-2019 | |

Synopsis: As easy as a pie, and yet hard to digest, Herman pushes you to go that extra mile to achieve your full potential. Finding motivation in the mundane, Herman tangoes with you out of his comfort zone, one step at a time.

Cast: Peter Hosking, Julia Dehnisch

Cinematography: Cristina Martinez

Editing: Sruti Lodha

Writer: Sruti Lodha

Sound: Vasundhara Gupta

Producer: Varsa and Manu Chau

Director Bio: A film enthusiast and a silent observer, Sruti weaves a narrative on every path she treads. She engages with the mundane and the monotonous to frame stories that impact and reform. Skilled at Prague Film School, Sruti is currently set in finding the mum of Mumbai.

Age Limit: U

Festivals & Awards: Circuito V (DulcĂ­simo Ovario) , Mexico 2018 | 9th MikroFAF Festival, Serbia 2018 | Global Film Festival Awards , LA 2018| MICE, Valencia , Spain 2019 |CineKasimanwa: Western Visayas Film Festival, Phillipines 2018 | South Georgia Film Festival 2019