(English/2018/5.45mins)  Ramanjit Kaur

18-May-2019 | | The Amaltas hall

Synopsis: The film, is a triptych of poems written by internationally renowned poet Sudeep Sen. The film is a poetic visualisation of remembering the beloved and reminiscing about the times spent together. The poems titled ‘Delhi’, ’Absence’ and ‘Silence’ explore the beloved’s presence during her absence... The medium of visual imagery interwoven with rendition of words is used to evoke emotions.

Cast: Sudeep Sen

Cinematography: Anshul Uniyal

Editing: Rajdeep Mitra

Writer: Sudeep Sen

Music: Tanmoy Bose

Producer: Ramanjit Kaur

Director Bio: Ramanjit Kaur is a well known theatre and Film artist. Recipient of many National Awards – Sangeet Natak Akademi Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar, LAADLI National Award for Gender Sensitisation, & International awards like Charles Wallace Award, UK, she is the Founder Director of The Creative Arts, the prestigious Theatre Training Institute

Age Limit: U

Festivals & Awards: Berlin Flash Film Festival - Honorary Mention |Romania - LitVest International Literary Festival, Timisoara| Romania – Bucharest @National Museum of Romanian Literature