Kaaneen - A Secret Search

(Assamese/2019/120 mins)  Monjul Baruah

25-May-2019 | 02:00 PM | The Stein Auditorium

Synopsis: The guilt triggered by the happenings following an encounter with an abandoned infant ,makes the wife of a high-profile police officer obsessively track down her own abandoned child, born out of wedlock. But her efforts to bring him back to her life hit the high glass wall that divides them.The film is based on a novel by Dr.Rita Choudhury.

Cast: Dr.Jahanara Begum, Baharul Islam, Purnima Pathak Saikia ,Partha Hazarika ,Dhananjay Debnath, Jolly Bhattachaya, Mintu Baruah, Kasvi Sarma,Rahul Gautam Sarma ,Prankrishna Mahanta ,Nirode Choudhury ,Tapan Kumar Benarjee, Disha Saikia, Manuj Gogoi, Popy Kako-ti, Abotosh Bhuyan, Kakoli Handique

Cinematography: Nahid Ahmed

Editing: Twenchang

Writer: Monjul Baruah

Sound: Amrit Pritam Dutta MPSC

Producer: Dr.Gopendra Mohan Das

Director Bio: Trained in National Institute of Photography, Mumbai, Monjul Baruah has worked as assistant director on several national award-winning films and has also directed many documentary and short films, over the last fifteen years. ‘Antareen’(Quest of Sanctuary), his first feature film bagged the best feature film award at the Indian Cine Film Festival,Mumbai, Prag Cine Awards Tezpur, 2015 and at the 1st Sailadhar Baruah Film Award 2016.

Kaneen is his second feature film.

Age Limit: U