Kanthan The Lover of Colour

(Ravula/2018/90 mins)  Shareef Easa (Shareef C)

21-May-2019 | 03:00 PM | The Stein Auditorium

Synopsis: In the diverse religious structure of India the life and the survival of adivasis and tribal groups have a clear foundation. And among the tribal groups the Adiya community is one which keeps a precise ideology and rituals in a world where modern men simply revamp theirs in accordance with their circumstances and convenience. Kanthan,The Lover of Colour portrays the life, survival and purely ritualistic life of the Adiya community, a group of tribal people living at Thirunelli Colony in Wayanad, Kerala, India. They live as a tribal flock under their chieftain. The base of the adiya community is their ethical life which is an amalgamation of nature and tradition. In today’s world, they are tormented by natural calamities along with the encroachment of urbanization. Agriculture is their source of living.

Cast: Dayabai, Master Prajith, PK Kariyan, Chinnan, Kurumatti, Sujayan, Akash, Malavika

Writer: Pramod Koovery

Director Bio: Shareef Easa (Shareef C) hails from Koovery in Kannur, Kerala . After complete his education, he started his career as a photographer. He also worked as a reporter in a leading newspaper's district edition. He has directed dramas and short films, and has also worked as an Associate Director. Kanthan The Lover of Colour is his first film.

Reviews: https://scroll.in/reel/915387/kerala-miracle-film-by-daily-wage-rubber-plantation-worker-gets-top-state-award

Age Limit: UA

Awards: Kerala State Film Award for Best Film, 2019