Mookajjiya Kanasugalu - Visions of Mookajji

(Kannada/ unreleased/120 mins)   P.Sheshadri

20-May-2019 | 03:00 PM | The Stein Auditorium

Synopsis: ‘Mookajjiya Kanasugalu’ (Visions of Mookajji), a novel by Dr. K. Shivarama Karantha was awarded the highest literary award of the land, Jnanapeetha in 1977. This film is an attempt to re-investigate our cultural roots in the light of archival evidence and to do so with a scientific outlook. It is also an attempt to present multitudinous perspectives on age-old customs, gender relationships and societal structure while putting it all to test on the touchstone of humanism.

Cast: B.Jayashree, Aravind Kuplikar, Kavya Shah others

Screenplay: P.Sheshadri

Cinematography: G.S.Bhaskar

Editing: G.S.Bhaskar

Writer: Dr.K.Shivarama Karanth

Sound: G.S.Bhaskar

Producer: M/S Navyachitra Creations

Director Bio: P.Sheshadri is an Indian film maker specifically associated with Kannada feature films. He has made ten Kannada feature films and eight of them have won the prestigious National Film Award. He is the first Indian filmmaker to win eight consecutive National Film Awards. After a short stint as a journalist, he entered the world of films and television in the early nineties.

Age Limit: U/A

Festivals & Awards: Best Kannada Film,11th Bengaluru International Film Festival | South Asian International Film Festival, Toronto | Nitte International Film Festival, Mangalore