(Tulu/115mins/2016) | Dir. Chatan Mundadi

28-May-2017 | 04:30 PM | The Stein Auditorium

Synopsis: Madipu portrays Tulu culture and focusses on Bhootharadhane or Bhootha Kola and the relationship of Hindus and Muslims. A Muslim lady named Fathima who had abandoned her son, is going through immense agony. One of her well-wishers suggests to make a vow to the deity of Guruvayanakere to get her lost son back. With a strong belief, Fathima travels all the way to Guruvayanakere.

Cast: Sardar Sathya, M. K. Matta, Seetha Kote, Sujatha Shetty

Production: Sandeep Kumar Amin

Screenplay: Jogi and Chandrakant Bajagoli

Cinematography: Ganesh Hegde

Editing: Srikanth

Music: V. Manohar

Awards: Best Feature Film (Tulu) in the National Film Awards 2017

Festivals: IFFI Goa 2016, Bangalore International Film Festival Kolkata Film Festival (2016)

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