Ottayal Patha/ The Narrow Path

(Malayalam/96mins/2016) | Dir. Satish Babusenan, Santosh Babusenan

24-May-2017 | 07:00 PM | The Theatre

Synopsis: OTTAYAAL PAATHA (The Narrow Path) is about a father and son who live in the slum. The movie starts one morning and ends by day break the next. The father Vikraman was a cleaner in the city corporation, now retired. His legs are partly paralysed from uncontrolled diabetes and he’s mostly restricted to his bed and a wheel chair. The son Akhil is an unemployed software engineer. The father and son are almost always fighting each other. Akhil has managed to find himself a job in Bangalore and plans to go away with his girlfriend Nina the next morning. But he hasn’t breathed a word to his dad, simply because he doesn’t have the nerve. Although Nina keeps goading him to speak to the old man, he keeps putting it off.

Cast: K. Kaladharan, Sarath Sabha, Kumaran, Krishnapriya, Prajusha

Production: Santosh Babusenan

Screenplay: Satish Babusenan, Santosh Babusenan

Cinematography: Satish Babusenan, Santosh Babusenan

Editing: Satish Babusenan, Santosh Babusenan

Sound: Anand Babu

Music: K Santhosh

Awards: Second Best Film in the Kerala Film Awards

Festivals: Cairo International Film Festival

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