Sonar Baran Pakhi

(Bengali/86mins/2016) | Dir. Bobby Sarma Baruah

26-May-2017 | 07:30 PM | The Stein Auditorium

Synopsis: Pratima, then a kid, is being told the tale of HastirKanya, a neglected first wife of a priest who acquires as his second wife the spoilt daughter of a wealthy priest. The lonesome first wife weeps by the river that turns salty. Elephants, attracted by the salty water hear her tale of woes and anoint her. She is transformed into an elephant. Young Pratima is mesmerized by this tale. Once, as she and her friends are wandering in the fields, she notices a group of folk performers and ventures to go near them. The maid accompanying them dissuades her. At home, once, as she is learning songs sung during Kartik Puja from the maids, her guardian summons her to the palace. Things are different when she is with Lalji, her father, who encourages her to learn the soulful folksongs from the mahouts.

Cast: Pranami Bora, Pranjal Saikia, Arati Barua, Susmita Ray, Kamal Priya Das, Jagadish Deka, Nilim Chetia

Production: ASFFDC & BB Entertainment Private Limited

Screenplay: Bobby Sarma Baruah, Bhaskar Jyoti Das

Cinematography: Avijit Nandy

Editing: Ratul Deka

Sound: Debajit Gayan

Music: Late Padmashree Pratimabarua Pandey, Saurav Mahanta

Awards: Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature at the at the 15th annual Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA)

Festivals: MAMI Mumbai International Film Festival 2016, Kolkota International Film Festival 2016

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