Saahaj Pather Gapo/Colour of Innocence

(Bengali/86mins/2016) | Dir. Manas Mukul Pal

28-May-2017 | 11:00 AM | The Theatre

Synopsis: Chhottu and Gopal are two brothers of a tender age. Their childhood in their village is disrupted when their father meets with an accident. Circumstances force Gopal to mature rather quickly. He becomes more responsible and starts selling wares to earn a little money for home. Meanwhile, Chhottu comes to learn of the grand Janmastomi (Lord Krishna’s Birthday) feast at the Seth’s house. He is overcome by excitement at the thought of a possible invitation! To ensure that it arrives, Chhottu bribes the grandma from the affluent Seth’s house with palmyras. When his brother Gopal discovers this scheme, he is furious: he had plans to sell the palmyra to earn some cash for their mother. The brothers fight over this but Chhottu is still hopeful that they will be invited to the grand feast. He starts counting the hours!

Cast: Nur Islam, Samiul Alam, Sneha Biswas

Production: Avijit Saha

Screenplay: Manas Mukul Pal

Cinematography: Mrinmoy Mandal, Shupratim Bhol

Editing: Sujay Dutta Ray, Anirban Maity Sound:

Music: Chandradip Goswami, Indraadip Dasgupta

Awards: Colours of Innocence won the National Film Award 2016 in the best child actor category

Festivals: IFFI Goa 2016, Mumbai Film Festival 2016, Kolkata International Film Festival

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