Sonata (English) by Aparna Sen

(English/2017/103mins) | Director: Aparna Sen

26-May-2018 | 09:00 PM | The Stein Auditorium

Synopsis: Three unmarried women, a professor (Aruna Chaturvedi), a banker (Dolon Sen) and a journalist (Subhadra Parekh), who are best friends, share their happy and joyous moments and support each other through hard times.

Age suitability: A

Cast: Cast: Shabana Azmi, Lillete Dubey, Aparna Sen

Production: Dipankar Chaki, Anjan Ghosal, Vinod Lahoti, Aloke Vohra

Screenplay: Aparna Sen

Cinematography: Sirsha Ray

Editing: Rabiranjan Maitra

Sound: Uttam Naskar

Music: Neel Dutt

Festivals: International Film Festival Kerala, Indian Film Festival of Melbourne

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