SHASHI KAPOOR TRIBUTE- In Custody (Urdu/Hindi) by Ismail Merchant

(Blu-ray/DVD/Urdu/Hindi/1993/126mins) | Director: Ismail Merchant

23-May-2018 | 07:00 PM | Amaltas

Synopsis: One of India's renowned poets, Nur, now leads a comfortable life, surrounded by well-wishers, fellow-poets, several wives, and relatives. This is what struggling writer, Deven, expected to write about Nur when he was assigned to write about him. What he found was a grossly overweight male, surrounded by greedy friends and relatives, and three wives - one a bitter older woman, Safiya; second a neglected but talented one named Imtiaz, and the third, Sarla, a shrewd and calculating woman, who was selling Nur's poems as her own. Will Deven's presence initiate some change in Nur's lifestyle, or will Deven himself become one of Nur's lazy followers.

Age suitability: U

Cast: Shashi Kapoor, Shabana Azmi, Om Puri, Sushma Seth, Neena Gupta, Tinnu Anand, Prayag Raj, Ajay Sahni, Maza Bi

Production: Wahid Chowhan, Paul Bradley, Donald Rosenfeld

Screenplay: Anita Desai (novel), Shahrukh Husain

Cinematography: Larry Pizer

Editing: Roberto Silvi

Music: Zakir Hussain, Ustad Sultan Khan

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