Aswadakan: The Connoisseur (Malayalam/Sanskrit) by Suraj Varma

(Malayalam/Sanskrit/2017/40mins) | Director: Suraj Varma

20-May-2018 | 07:00 PM | Gulmohar

Synopsis: As the rightful heir to an illustrious uncle and generations who have performed before, Harish Chakyar is a Koodiyattam artiste of the modern age who is ready after years of rigorous training to perform a 2000-year-old theatre form. (Officially recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity from Kerala) He knows that this is his passport to a bright future. Over the next three nights in 3 performances, he will play 3 mythical heroes - Arjuna, Sugreeva and Bhima. He puts on the elaborate costume and gets ready. En-route he meets a stranger. What does this stranger ask that Harish cannot give? In part a suspense thriller, in part a study of the frailties of the human mind, set in the magical world of Koodiyattam, Aswadakan – The Connoisseur, explores the relationship between an artiste, his audience and his art.

Cast: Nepathya Yadukrishnan, Nepathya Vishnu Prasad, Margi Sajeev Chakyar, Nepathya Sreehari, Parvathi Menon, Aarcha Gowri Varma

Production: Suresh Varma

Screenplay: Suresh Varma, Additional Screenplay- Jayaprakash Kulor

Cinematography: Magesh Kumar | Choreography: Margi Madhu

Editing: Gitesh Kohli

Sound: Nikhil Varma

Music: Sreevalsam J. Menon

Festivals: University of TUBIGEN Festival; Intercultural Theatre Institute Singapore; Cochin Film Society

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