Reservation (Kannada) by Nikhil Manjoo

(Kannada/2016/90mins) | Director: Nikhil Manju

21-May-2018 | 06:30 PM | The Stein Auditorium

Synopsis: The film Reservation is about the abuse of caste reservation policy across India, but particularly in a Tehsil of Karnataka. Many high caste families and households in India have misused this after forging fake documents. The film follows two such instances where the situation provokes different reactions from the individuals involved.

Age suitability: U

Cast: Srinivas, Nikhil Manju, Manasi Sudhir, Pradeep Kumar Shetty K.

Production: Thotada Mane

Screenplay: Pradeep Kumar Shetty K

Cinematography: Swamy

Editing: Aditya Kunigal

Sound: Samir

Music: Samir

Festivals: Festivals & Awards: 10th BIFFEES Best Kannada film, Best Kannada film In 64th National film awards, Dhaka International Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, London International Film Festival, Kolkata International Film Festival, Bengaluru International Film Festival

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