Tu Sangre

(Docu/Spanish/2005/71 mins)  Dir. Julian Larrea

21-Jun-2019 | 07:00 PM | Gulmohar

Synopsis: In the Amazon jungle, members of ‘Shuar ‘nationality and mixed settlers are vying for the mayor's office. On canoes by rivers and walk through the rainforest, pass the campaigns, commune in commune, from family to family. Some carry their message in Spanish, others in ‘Shuar’; in their speeches they all speak of races, languages, customs and territory. In the Amazon jungle the contest is in terms of cultural identity and not of political ideas. On Election Day, Sunday, the polls open in front of everyone and a thousand votes are counted. The information from the most remote communities is still missing and the tension lasts until Monday. When the military helicopter lands in Tiwintza with the results, the final difference is only of five votes