Alla luce del sole

(10 mins)   Dir. Francesco Pascucci

12-Apr-2019 | 07:00 PM | The Stein Auditorium

Synopsis: A group of prostitutes is reported by their captor who tests their productivity with a primitive and animal-like rite. La gita (15 mins) Dir. Salvatore Allocca. Story of a 14-year-old daughter of an immigrant family from Senegal living in Italy; Il nostro limite (10mins) Dir. Adriano Morelli. Luigi and Franco secretly love each other but are forced to live a lie, dooming themselves to a life of misery; Stai sereno (6 mins) Dir.Daniele Stocchi. Marco has been unemployed for too long and is now dejected. One day he decides to call the only person who could help him, his brother Andrea, who has been living in northern Italy for a while; Mercurio (2018/10 mins) Dir. Michele Bernardi. Animation. Mercurio is a kid who loves cycling. One day he is stopped by the Fascist regime and incarcerated in a transit camp, ready to be sent to a concentration camp; Milady (2019/18 mins) Dir. Giulia Tivelli & Flavia Scardini. This is the story of Francesca, Ananth, Giulia and Francesco, each of a different origin, who tell us the difficulties of being adopted children. Collab. Italian Embassy Cultural Centre