3 Days in Quiberon (3 Tage in Quiberon)

(German with Eng subtitles/2018/115mins)   Dir. Emily Atef

11-Jan-2019 | 07:00 PM | The Stein Auditorium

Synopsis: 1981, Quiberon, a small village on the coast of Brittany. Hilde arrives to visit her old friend, who has retreated to a spa hotel to escape the daily pressures of her life. Her friend is the world-famous star Romy Schneider, but together they come across as two ordinary women who are simply happy to be reunited. Shortly afterwards, the young journalist Michael Jürgs and Romy’s long-time acquaintance, photographer Robert Lebeck, arrive to conduct an interview for a large German publication. A cat-and-mouse game immediately ensues between the fragile diva and the ambitious author. The two embark on an emotional rollercoaster ride that fluctuates between tenderness and mutual manipulation. At the same time, Hilde tries to protect her friend from the journalists’ attempts to capture for their audience the innermost feelings of this fascinating woman. All of this keeps these four people deeply engaged for three days and nights.