Maze Bal

(B&W/Marathi/1943/130mins)   Dir. Master Vinayak

09-Jun-2018 | 07:00 PM |

Synopsis: Shashi is in love with an underground nationalist Ravindra. When Ravindra is arrested and sent to the gallows, Shashi is already bearing the indelible mark of their abruptly ended romance. She sees no way out but to commit suicide, but is saved by an old man, Anna, with infinite understanding and compassion, who is running an ashram. She learns nursing as a profession to bring up her growing child. Later, when working in a nursing home, she meets a famous lawyer. Her tender feeling towards him, as a patient, develops into mutual love. Yet she cannot muster enough courage to divulge her pre-marital motherhood even to the man who apparently loves her.
Collab. National Film Archive of India, Pune