Finnish Film Festival

Collab  Embassy Of Finland

20-Dec-2017 | 07:00 PM | Gulmohar

Synopsis: The Papers (2013/9mins/Animation) Dir. Kalle Kotila. What happens when two opposite lifestyles clash? The film tells the story of two men who live and work together but are complete opposites. One loves order whereas the other does not want to work hard and does what pleases him. The film reminds viewers of the unpredictability of life. | Aigi (2014/10mins/Animation) Dir. Jouni West. The anime style film is the first Sami spoken animated film ever made by a Sami director. It tells the story of Sami mythology and Sami people who were under constant attacks and raids a thousand years ago, until one hero decided to fight against the oppressors to protect his family. | Babybox (2015/9mins/Animation) Dir. Katariina Lillqvist. Baro, a street musician and a father is having a bad day. He gets told he is a bad parent having his baby with him, while he is out working in the cold. He is told to leave his baby in the ominous Babybox but despite being poor, Baro refuses to give away his baby. After the family’s grandfather decides differently, an adventure behind the door of the mysterious Baby box begins. | The Witching Hour (2104/16 mins) Dir. Miikka Leskinen. A short drama comedy set over a midsummer night coloured by crime and superstition. | All Hallows Week (2011/17mins) Dir. Jussi Hiltunen. The film explores the complicated emotions following a shooting incident in front of a small town disco in Northern Finland. Two witnesses are struggling to cope with the feelings of loss, sorrow and guilt. | Mercy All The Way (2014/30mins) Dir. Hannaleena Hauru. Based on a real life comment about how school shootings could be prevented if the shooters had just had some female carnal companionship, Hauru’s short film satirises this scenario. | Night Satan And The Loops of Doom (2013/24 mins) Dir. Chrzu. A sci - fi thriller set in a wasteland that once was Karelia, a province in Eastern Finland. A trio of synthesizer warriors saves a fierce woman from a cruel tyrant. | Reunion (2015/15mins) Dir. Iddo Soskolne. Facing death is never easy but when it comes in the form of a kind young girl with music and dance, it can be more acceptable. The film is a story of redemption and a complicated bond between a brother who is soon to die and a sister who has already become familiar with death. | Emergency Calls (2013/15mins) Dirs. Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen. Based on real life emergency calls, this experimenting documentary studies the relationship between the caller and the helper. Mostly set around the Estonia shipwreck, the calls showcase tragic or important moments in people’s lives, be it death or new life. | Noste (2014/4mins) Dir. Marko Röhr. The film takes the viewer into an unforgettable dive into underwater dancing. This delicate and powerful dance evokes emotions by colours, flowing movement and the astonishing capabilities of the human body.