Finnish Film Festival

Collab  Embassy Of Finland

19-Dec-2017 | 07:00 PM | Gulmohar

Synopsis: Behind The Curtain (2013/7mins) Dir. Teemu Nikki. A subtly hilarious short film based on a childhood trauma. | On Your Lips (2013/8mins) Dir. Joonas Rutanen. On an afternoon at the amusement park, Viljami takes a step towards his adolescence. | Fatima (2013/20mins) Dir. Naima Mohamud. 9-year-old Fatima overhears her parents talking about divorce. Milla, her best friend, finds out about Fatima’s fears and comes up with a great plan to make Fatima’s parents fall in love again. | Turnaround (2014/9mins) Dir. Aino Suni. The film explores the difficult time when one is still a child but wishes to be more adult than they are. Sini, a 12-year-old has met a man on the internet and the man proposes a meeting. Even though their date starts out as exciting and cool, it soon turns out that it is something that she is not ready for. | Keys of Heaven (2014/28 mins) Dir. Hamy Ramezan. In 1984 in Iran, two homeless brothers struggle to survive in a country at war. | Do I have to take care of Everything (2012/7mins) Dir. Selma Vilhunen. A sunny weekend morning turns into chaos when a family struggles to make it in time for a wedding. | Kakara (2013/12mins) Dir. Kimmo Yläkäs. A man drags his girlfriend to hospital for an abortion. A brat is the last thing he needs right now. But sitting in a hospital waiting room can change your mind. | Sirocco (2012/15mins) Dir. Miko Kuparinen. A lonely woman finds an abandoned baby by her apartment's garbage bin and decides to take the baby home with her. | Listen (2014/13mins) Dir. Hamy Ramezan. A muslim woman goes to the police station in Copenhagen to seek help to get herself and her son away from her abusive husband. Yet, it seems the translator is not willing to report what she is telling. | Clumsy Little Acts of Tenderness (2015/19 mins) Dir. Miia Tervo. A father struggles to connect with his pre-teen daughter after divorce. When the daughter faces an important moment in a teenage girl’s life and needs a parent, her father is ready to step up and show in little clumsy acts how much he truly cares for her.