Rong Beronger Korhi (Colours of Money) (Bengali) by Ranjan Ghosh

Screening Date Time Venue Synopsis
26-May-2018 04:00 PM The Stein Auditorium An anthology of four short stories - a different colour of money emerging from each one.
First story (Red - Love) - A poor fighting tribal couple seeks divorce from a local judge who charges a big sum of money. After getting the decree, they realize that they are still in love. They need to remarry but there’s no money left. But they don’t give up!
Second story (Blue - Separation) – A young wife comes to know of her aged husband's accidental death from her lover. The husband has left her a fortune. His death sets her free to reunite with her lover. The two plan their future but a big surprise awaits them.
Third story (Glittery - Profit) – A middle-class man, sacked from his job and ditched by his girlfriend, sits alone in a park. A pimp approaches him and brings him to a prostitute. New to this world, he prefers to chat. What he learns from her shocks him!
Fourth story (White - Loss) – A village boy, a 'Dhaaki' (drummer), leaves his ailing mother and travels to the city to earn money to buy medicines for her. He does get a good amount of what he wants, but loses his mother by the time he returns.
Age suitability: A

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