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19-May-2019 06:30 PM The Stein Auditorium Bhor is the story of Budhni, a girl from the Musahar community in Bihar who dreams to pursue her education. But this is no simple feat, as girls her age face familial and societal pressure to get married. As the story unfolds, it comes to light that she was married off before the legal age to marry in India - a tucked away glimpse into the realities of living a Musahar woman’s life.

Stranded between her desire to study and the pressure to get married, Budhni silently begins to accept defeat. But Sugan’s proposal brings her hope, as he promises to support her decision to study further. It is only after the marriage that she comes face-to-face with her next challenge – the absence of a Toilet! Now every morning made her anxious and was she fighting not only for education but also for sanitation. Followed by the screening, film critic Shubhra Gupta will be in conversation with the Director Kamakhya Narayan Singh.

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