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Richter Scale 7.6

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23-May-2019 03:00 PM The Stein Auditorium Raman Kunju, a traditional Kolam Thullal artist who is past his prime, lives in a ramshackle house with his son Suku. Raman Kunju's seemingly eccentric and restless ways of life makes Suku restrain his father from being his normal self. While Suku is always wanting to move out of this house and the area to pursue his aspirations and love for Usha, Raman is in no mood to align. While recovering from the injuries of a workplace accident under Raman's care and attention, Suku begins to relate to his father's state of mind. He realizes how the ecological imbalance and exploitation of the land around them is influencing not just humans, but all forms of life around them. "Richter Scale 7.6" highlights the intricate ways in which life, value system and even the state of well-being are all tied to the environment and the ecosystem they are part of.

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