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Films This Month - Tuesday, November 8, 2011; 7:00pm

Zsolnay- The Lover Of The Soil

The film relates the life and career of Vilmos Zsolnay (1828-1900), a world-famous potter, founder of modern Hungarian ceramics, and inventor of the lustrous glaze known as eosin. Set in the second half of the 19th century. Zsolnay's father wants the young Vilmos to become a merchant but his exuberant son has very different plans. He tries his hand at painting, imagines his future in art. Then an enigmatic old man from Italy appears who has haunted him since his teenage years and the mysterious Italian gives Vilmos the secret recipe to glaze a vase, which radically changes the course of Vilmos Zsolnay's life. From this point on, the film recounts the journey of self-discovery of a man whose name later becomes known all over the world. Zsolnay's life is one of love and tragedy, filled with conflict and passion.  Vilmos Zsolnay achieves his goal and keeps the secret entrusted to him -but will there be someone to pass it onto? And at what price?

Dir. : Zsolt Pozsgai
Language : Hungarian
Year : 2010
Runtime : 100mins

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