Films This Month

Films This Month

Monga Pushing Hands Cape No.7 Yang Yang Juliets Honey Pupu Three Times Oraalppokkam
Films This Month - Friday, November 4, 2011; 7:00pm

Journey Called Love

The life of narrator and poet, Sibilla Aleramo, is revisited via a narrative and temporal arc moving from her adolescence to maturity, concentrating on the two years between 1916 and 1918, a period in which she was linked to Dino Campana. Sibilla is a cultivated, charming and independent woman, with a past full of suffering marked by tragic events: her mother locked up in a lunatic asylum, a failed marriage to a violent and miserly man, a son loved and abandoned. Sibilla's life is also marked by a long sequence of sentimental relationships, mainly with writers or literary figures, until the defining moment when the great poet Dino Campana towers arrogantly above all the other suitors: it is the beginning of an extremely tormented, but equally passionate and intense relationship.

Dir. : Michele Placido
Language : Italian
Year : 2002
Runtime : 96mins

Films This Month


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