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Films This Month - Wednesday, November 2, 2011; 6:30pm

FILM CLUB DISCUSSION Group meets to discuss children's films

For A Few Marbles More

Four ten–year-olds are kicked out of their favorite playground by two aggressive drunkards. When they realize their parents are not going to help them, there’s only one solution. They have to find a way to get the toughest boy in the neighborhood to help them.

Dir. : Jelmar Hufen
Language : Dutch
Year : 2006
Runtime : 11mins






Basket Bronx

Alex is an African-American kid from Bronx who dreams of playing basketball as his idols. However, the gang of older guys in the neighbourhood keeps reminding him that he cannot. One day Kiat, a newly arrived Chinese girl, appears in his life and using some Zen philosophy teaches him to overcome his fears, to enjoy life as much as possible and to stop worrying about his results.

Dir. : Martín Rosete
Language : English
Year : 2009
Runtime : 14mins

Films This Month