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Films This Month - Monday, November 7, 2011; 7:00pm


The never-before-told, musical biographical drama of Indian theater legend Narayan Rajhans alias ‘Balgandharva’ (1888 - 1967). Born in a poor town in Pune, Maharashtra, he was famous for his roles of female characters in Marathi plays, since women were not allowed to act during the times. After hearing his soulful singing, Lokmanya Tilak, the great freedom fighter and the grand old man of the Indian independence movement, patted Narayan on the back and said that he was a "Bal Gandharva" (“singer from the heaven"). Narayanrao Bal Gandharva acted in numerous classic Marathi plays and was one of those who were responsible for making Sangeet-Natak (musicals) and Natya-Sangeet (the music in those musicals) popular among common masses.

Dir. : Nitin Chandrakant Desai
Language : Marathi
Year : 2011
Runtime : 124mins

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