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Apr.14  7:00pm

The Ballad Of The Weeping Spring 
(Israel/2012/ 105mins) Dir.Beni Torati

the former leader of a famous band, has spent the last 20 years living as a hermit. When his songwriting partner sends word that he is dying, Josef fulfills an old promise by performing their last song in a cave. Collab: Embassy of Israel


Apr. 17 7:00pm

Desperado Square 
(Hebrew/English/2001/98mins) Dir.Beni Torati

In a small village on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, Israel, the colorful locals gather for the one-year memorial of elder statesman Morris Mandabon. That night, his son, Nissim is visited by the old man's ghost, who urges him to re-open the family cinema that has been shut for 30 years. When Nissim makes it his mission, the village ripples with renewed life. Nissim's mother however, is angrily opposed to the planned opening-night film, the Bollywood classic Sangam. Collab: Embassy of Israel

Apr. 20 7:00pm

The Band's Visit 
(Arabic/English/Hebrew/2007/90mins) Dir.Eran Kolirin

A band named Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra is touring from Egypt to Israel, to perform at a cultural event. They are greeted with many pleasant and unpleasant experiences in this foreign land. Collab: Embassy of Israel


Apr. 21 7:00pm

By Summer's End 
(Hebrew/2011/95mins) Dir.Noa Aharoni

An end-of-summer coming-of-age and mulit-generation, familial tale set in a rural community in Israel, on the backdrop of the imminent peace accords with Egypt. Collab: Embassy of Israel



Apr. 26 7:00pm

Year Zero 
(Hebrew/2004/131mins) Dir.Joseph Pitchhadze Rueven

A real estate agent, is upset with his wife's pregnancy. Through a chain of events, his life becomes connected and intertwined with the lives of others in Tel Aviv. Collab: Embassy of Israel


Apr. 27 7:00pm

(Israel/2011/107mins) Dir.Joseph Cedar

Talmud scholar Eliezer Shkolnik has worked in obscurity at Jerusalem's Hebrew University. In contrast, Eliezer's son, Uriel, also an academic, has published many books and received numerous accolades. Eliezer looks down on his son's achievements and pursuit of fame, and so the pair has a rocky relationship. Their rivalry comes to a head when Eliezer receives word that, at long last, he is the recipient of the prestigious Israeli Prize. Limited passes available at the Programmes Desk for Film Club members only. Collab: Embassy of Israel

Other Films
Apr. 14 7:00pm

Kaaka Muttai (The Crow’s Egg)
(Tamil/2015/109mins) Dir.M Manikandan

In a tiny concrete-and-tin Chennai home live two young brothers with their mother and grandmother. The boys constantly beg their mother and grandmother for toys they can't afford, and even for a television. They don't yet understand that the two women can't give them everything they want. When their mother does find a way to bring an old television home, it's the opening of a portal. The boys see a pizza commercial whose steaming, slow-motion images make the unfamiliar food look like manna from heaven. And from that point on, they dream of nothing but getting their first taste of pizza. Screening followed by discussion with Shubhra Gupta, film critic. Limited passes available at the Programmes Desk for Film Club members only Collab: The Indian Express Group


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