(Ben gali/1971/101mins)   Dir. Mrinal Sen. Wri. Ashish Barman

24-Jul-2018 | 07:00 PM | Gulmohar

Synopsis: Ranjit Mallick is a smart personable young man. A friend of the family, who works in a foreign firm, has assured him of a lucrative job in his firm. All Ranjit has to do is to appear in an interview, dressed in a western style suit. It seems a simple task, but fate wills otherwise. A strike by a labour Union means that he can\'t get his suit back from the laundry. His father\'s old suit won\'t fit him. He borrows a suit but loses it in a fracas. Ultimately he has to go to the interview dressed in the traditional Bengali Dhoti and Kurta (Dhuti-Panjabi). This film is considered to be the first film of Mrinal Sen\'s Calcutta trilogy, the others being Calcutta 71, and Padatik.
Collab. National Film Archive of India (NFAI)